Embellishing Quilts


My first love is art quilting, which completely explains by desire to sew things on quilts. I have a sizable collection of buttons, trim and ribbon just waiting to find their place on a quilt. Unfortunately, the items in my stash are usually not perfect for my current project and I’m off at the fabric or bead store trying to find the right items.

It’s my opinion that art quilters tend to over-embellish. I’ve been at many shows and felt like they attached everything but the kitchen sink to their art work. I think that we should follow Tim Gunn’s oft-given advice on Project Runway and “edit, edit, edit!” The embellishments should enhance the quilt, not overpower it.

That said, there are quilts that cry out for embellishments. This flip-flop quilt was one. I chose different buttons and trim for each set of flip-flops. It is a fun wall quilt that makes me wish for spring!

Embellishments need to add to the quilt!

Flip Flops -- embellishments for toe piece and straps

Flip Flop Quilt


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