Little Twister Tool


I have seen these twister tools everywhere recently. Many booths at A Quilter’s Gathering in New Hampshire had them. So did the booths at the recent quilt show in Toronto. I was excited to attend a class at our LQS and learn how to use them.

Our project began by cutting 5″ squares and arranging them like a Christmas tree. The next step was to position the twister tool on the intersection of seams and cut out a new square. When the twisted squares are sewn together, you get a very cool look.

I have to admit that this is a clever tool. It is simple to use, in theory, however — with 5″ squares — you get about 1/2″ in between cuts. It is very easy to over-cut the edges and slice into the material needed for your next block. I did this several times.

It is also a cutting-intensive project. I would not recommend it for people with shoulder problems (that would be me) or carpal tunnel. Or, if I had some cutting limitations, I would certainly spread out my cutting.

It is also easy to mix up the position of the cut block. I’ll show you my goof on a picture below.

You also end up with bias cut squares, so you need to be somewhat careful with the pressing.

My final comment is that you waste a lot of fabric. If that’s important to you, I wouldn’t recommend this tool.

All in all, the results are awesome. It’s worth the $12 or so and you get a very cool effect. I’ve got some great ideas to incorporated the twister into my future quilts.

You’ll find the photos of my projects below. Here is a site that gives a tutorial of the twister tool.

Begin with 5" squares in a grid format. Mine formed a Christmas tree.

Finished project -- can you see my error on the right side?

Little Twister tool goes at intersection of seams


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