Review: The Wedding Quilt (An Elm Creek Quitls Novel) by Jennifer Chiaverini


I have been a fan of the Elm Creek Quilt series and have listened to all of the books (except the latest one) on CD. Yes, I can read! I just love the experience of listening to these stories as I’m quilting or (my favorite) traveling to a quilt retreat.  I’ve been eagerly watching the calendar for the November 1st release of The Wedding Quilt.

Unlike other novels, this one takes place in the future (2028). Sarah’s daughter is getting married and everybody is gathering at Elm Creek Manor for the occasion. It was interesting to see what had become of Sarah’s children, who had passed on, and how the original Elm Creek quilters were doing.

Beyond that, the story was just a rehash of her other novels. This is my big complaint with Jennifer Chiaverini — there seems to be little original material in her non-historical novels. (My favorite, after the first couple, was the Hawaiian Quilt. It took place in a new location and there was a great deal of information about a Hawaiian Quilting, which was new to me.) The Wedding Quilt was a recycling of how the ladies met, how Sarah saved Elm Creek Manor, and stories about Union Hall. I found it very disappointing.

I left the book with my mom and told her to read the first couple chapters and the last couple.  The middle was old news.

That said, I did cry at the end. There was some touching references to Sylvia that I appreciated.

I truly hope that Jennifer Chiaverini keeps writing. She has done a great deal for quilters and literature. I just think she’s exhausted the Elm Street cast of characters and needs to find a new group of quilters. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for The Wedding Quilt, I will definitely read her next novel.



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