York Heritage Quilt Show, Toronto


I’m back to Long Island after a 6-day trip to Toronto. The excuse for the trip was visiting the York Heritage Quilt Show, held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto.  My friend Vicki had a gorgeous quilt in the show, which I wanted to see, and it gave me an excuse to visit with family and friends.

Before we visited the show, I was very disappointed to learn that it was not judged. I had never heard of a non-judged show. Vicki and her room-mate explained that many of their guild would not enter the show if they knew their work would be judged. After that introduction, I was expecting a showcase of very poor work.

Well, I was wrong on many counts. First of all, I liked the atmosphere of a non-judged show. I found that you looked at the quilts without regard to the judge’s opinion. There was no discussions of “Why did this not get a blue ribbon?” or “What were the judges thinking?” You simply enjoyed the quilts.

As for quality … they were fantastic! These women are artists and the quilts ranged from innovative to traditional — all with great color choice and beautiful stitching. I imagine there is more creative freedom when you know that you’re not being judged, as you are not trying to follow the “rules” that make a great show quilt.

They had 8 or 10 vendors. We complain about the price of fabric in the U.S., but the Canadians have it far worse. Good quality quilter’s cotton was $16 per meter, plus another 15% tax. We’re talking $18.50 a meter after taxes. Yikes! There was a Superior Thread booth in the vendor hall and their prices were significantly more than I’d pay in the U.S.  Those Canadian quilters are dedicated!

Entry into the Japanase Canadian Cultural CenterVendors


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