Book Review: The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs


I loved this book! It’s the story of mom (Linda) and daughter (Molly) on a multi-day car trip from home to Molly’s dorm room at university. As you may guess from the title, Linda spends much of the drive finishing up Molly’s quilt. The quilt is made from old clothes and other memorabilia, and they share some memories as the sewing continues. Linda, for example, reflects on Molly’s first piano recital.

There is some quilt facts sprinkled in, as well as Linda’s tribute to their local quilt shop, which is going out of business.

Linda, who dropped out of university, has big plans for her scholarship-earning daughter. Although Linda sees Molly enjoying the trip, she becomes instantly animated when the boyfriend calls. (Every mom can relate to this.) As the trip unfolds, Molly becomes more attached to the idea of being with her boyfriend than attending school. unfortunately.

The other theme in this book is Linda’s struggle to find an identity now that her child has gone. Empty-nesters will appreciate this.

I related to this book because I have a high school senior who has big plans to attend a far-away university next fall. Unfortunately I have not been a quilter long enough to have a stash of his old clothes to make into a quilt. (He wouldn’t appreciate it anyway!) I listened to the CD version of the book and thoroughly enjoyed it on many levels.


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