Designing Quilts: Michelle Scott Lecture


Michelle is an energetic quilter who teaches 4th grade, sells pattern designs to magazines, and designs fabrics. She is a hilarious bundle of energy who missed her calling as a standup comic.

Michelle showed 70 quilts in an hour, so you can imagine the pace of her trunk show. She also passed around her quilts so we could see the positives and negatives of each quilt.

Because she is self-taught and very busy, Michelle admits that her quilts often lack complexity, sharp points or perfect binding. Her motto is that “finished is better than perfect.” She recommends that you enjoy the process and save the (close to) perfect quilts for shows. For utility quilts, however, just do it.

I love her relaxed nature about quilting. You can tell she loves the process, which is what it’s all about. She designs her quilts using EQ7 (which she raves about) and admits that magazines want simple and easy quilts. I could see many of the audience, who had been awed by some of the big-name quilters who were teaching, visibly relax during this show. Her love of quilting and get-it-done attitude was contagious.

One of the members of the audience heard Michelle speak at her local guild. She said that Michelle’s attitude was incredibly refreshing, and she left that evening feeling like she could be a good quilter — not believing that she was vastly inferior to the ultra-talented teachers that are on the lecture circuit.

You can see more of Michelle’s work at


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