A Quilter’s Gathering


This morning I’m leaving for “A Quilter’s Gathering” in Nashua, New Hampshire.

When I started quilting, a local teacher mentioned “Nashua” to me. It was the first show I went to and I was in awe of talents of my teachers and the quality of quilts on display. It was also the first time I’d screwed up on classes by not bringing the correct materials (like the batting needed to complete the quilt-as-you-go project).

I’m taking 3 days of classes, as well as some lectures. I’ve spent yesterday gathering materials for my classes.

I”m taking an all-day workshop called “Introduction to Color” by Louisa Smith.We have to bring a note book, white paper, magazines to cut up, a color wheel, glue stick, and five 11.5 x 5″ strips of fabric in our favorite colors. It should be interesting and help me, a non-art school anything, with color selection.

My second workshop is 2 days called “Photo to Quilt” with Aniko Feher. This supply list is quite substantial. It begins with an enlarged photo of our choice. I decided I would try a self-portrait that I could use in some promotional material. Boy that was humbling — seeing my face on an 8 x 10″ sheet of paper. Wrinkles show! We also need fabric, Steam a Seam 2 light, water color pencils clear milar, muslin, and Saral transfer paper. This should be interesting.


Schedule and Admission Tickets for "A Quitler's Gathering"


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