Planning Saves Ripping


I’m not proud to say that I am the Queen of Ripping. I’ll get started on a quilt and just go with the flow. Sometimes, the result is awesome. Other times, not so much!

I was working on a pumpkin quilt this week. It was very abstract and my client wanted gold lines to make it look more pumpkin-like. I added some abstract lines and it looked okay. But it bothered me that my lines did not meet at the pumpkin stem and it looked a little wrong. This problem could have been avoided if I’d (1) actually looked at a pumpkin photo beforehand or (2) if I’d sketched out my design (using a piece of plexiglass or see-through vinyl) and actually seen what it would look like on the pumpkin.

I hope I learned my lesson. Three minutes of planning can save three hours of ripping. Here are the before and after pictures of the pumpkin.

Note that the gold stitching does not meet at the pumpkin's stem

Much better -- vertical lines meet at the stem and it looks more realistic


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