DVD Series: Why Quilts Matter


I am a member of the Empire Quilt Guild in New York City. On Saturday, our speaker was Shelly Zegart, creator of the 9-DVD series called “Why Quilts Matter.” We were fortunate enough to watch one of the episodes about how quilts empowered women.

This episode contains the “Sunbonnet Sue Must Die” quilt that I’ve heard about for years. In each block you see poor Sunbonnet Sue murdered in a variety of ways — hanging, drowning, and stabbing are among them. I found this quilt to be hilarious! Shelly Zegart is a former owner of this quilt, now in a permanent collection at a museum.

Many of us (including me) had grandmothers who quilted. I remember snuggling under my grandmother’s HEAVY crazy quilt. As a child, there was something about that quilt that made me feel incredibly safe — possibly because it was quilted over wool blankets and weighed a ton! But I’ve never been very interested in the history of quilting. That is, until Saturday.

I purchased the DVD set, which is $39.95. I have not yet watched any more episodes, but am excited to do so. Here’s Shelly Zegart’s website where you can find out more information.



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