Perfect Scissors (Really!)


When I was at the Philadelphia Quilt Show, I rested my rear end for a while and attended a lecture on new gadgets in the quilting industry.  One product they recommended was Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors.

According to the package, the advantages of this micro serrated blade are:

1. Keeps fabric from slipping so cutting is more accurate

2. Helps to prevent frayed edges

3. Cuts up to 8 layers of cotton fabric easily

We had the opportunity to test these scissors and they did, indeed, cut through 8 layers of fabric. I bought a pair and have been absolutely delighted. For the last month, I haven’t used anything else.

You can find out more about these scissors at The scissors retail for $25.99. (PS: I have no financial interest in this product.)

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors


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