Squaring Quilt Backing … Don’t Skip this Step


Over the weekend, I was quilting the Gallery in Red quilt top described in my September 28th blog.


This was a quilt just for me and I was hurrying to get it on the frames, as I wanted it for a guild show and tell. I got it loaded in the longarm and started stabilizing the quilt. It was soon pretty clear that I was going to have problems with puckers in my quilt backing.

I was talking about this with my quilting friend Vicki, who kindly forwarded me information about the importance of squaring your quilt backing before it goes on the longarm. Hmmm. I knew this. I’ve taken classes in loading quilts that stressed the importance of squaring the backing. I usually square the backing. But I was in a hurry, the quilt was NOT for a client, and I admit that I did kinda a half-ass job on the squaring process.

My intent with this blog was to share my experiences … good and bad. Quilting is a learning process. Because I decided to skimp on the basics (squaring the back), I created a quilt that was not worthy of selling or gifting. While the puckering isn’t huge, it is definitely noticeable. What a shame!

Not surprisingly, the quilt I loaded yesterday had a very square back. It loaded, and quilted, beautifully.

There are many resources on the web on how to square a quilt back. Here is just one:


Please be aware that a square back is also important for quilts that you’ll sew on your domestic machine. Taking this step will help you avoid puckering and pulling.


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