John Flynn Workshop: Wheel of Mystery


On Friday, I had the pleasure of taking John Flynn’s Wheel of Mystery workshop. This is not a class I would recommend for a novice quilter. There is a lot of curved piecing, matching up seams, and somewhat complex pressing. It was a class that I’m glad I took and a class in which I learned a lot. However I found the project somewhat stressful and made quite a few mistakes.

Each block quarter consists of three pieces, and the project makes at 24″ x 30″ quilt.

Three pieces required for each quarter block










After taking the class, I spent an additional 3 hours sewing. I got all my quarter blocks sewn together.  I suspect it would be another 3 or 4 hours to complete the quilt. Seams are split (you can see the notch above) and pressed in opposite directions. Here is the back of John Flynn’s demo piece. Even John’s back sides are a work of art!

Reverse side of Wheel of Mystery Block












We were provided with a kit ($20) of laser-cut pieces. I have to say that the kit was wonderful. Cutting these templates would have taken a great deal of time. The laser-cut pieces are also pre-notched for matching up the center of the blocks, and they do not fray.

Wheel of Mystery Kit


Batiks in Kit







Overall I was very happy with the class. John is very matter-of-fact and will tell you (nicely) when you’ve done something wrong. He does a big demo at the beginning of the day, which covers multiple steps in the project. I would have preferred that the demonstrations be more frequent and cover less steps. I also did not realize that the kit had excellent instructions. Had I followed them, and not just tried to remember what was said in the demo, I would have saved myself some major ripping!



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