Do you remember your commencement address? I don’t remember mine. I’m sure the speaker was great and offered some words of wisdom, but what high school or college graduate wants advice from an old person? I sure didn’t!

Fast forward 30 years and I love inspirational messages. I like to hear secrets of success, ways I can be a better (happier, wealthier) person, and how to balance the many facets of my life. I appreciate advice and being able to learn from others.

If you’re like me, I think you’ll find Katie Couric’s book — “The Best Advice I Ever Got” — to be wonderful. She talks about her own life and the perseverance that made her career possible. Then she asks political figures, entertainers, and business gurus to share their words of wisdom. I loved Larry King’s advice: that you learn more from listening than you do from talking. Every contributor had nuggets that were inspiring and affirming.

So how does this apply to quilting? Contributors advise us to learn about our subjects, be willing to make mistakes, stay true to your vision, put in the hours necessary, follow your bliss …  their advice relates totally to quilting — and to anything else you may be doing in your life.

I listened to the audio version. However you choose to get access this book, I highly recommend it.



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