Machine Quilting: Keep it simple


One of the most daunting aspects of becoming a longarm quilter was figuring out how to what design would enhance a quilt. I love bright colors and busy patterns, as well as the awesome variegated threads that are on the market. I had a simple Halloween quilt top and felt that this would be my chance to combine a great Halloween pantograph with some orange/brown/lime green thread.

Well … the finished quilt ended up being a disaster. First of all, I wanted this to be a quick project and the pieces are very large (up to 6 x 12″). The busy fabrics hide the pantograph, which is really cute black cats and pumpkins. The variegated thread does nothing to enhance the quilt; instead it is rather confusing.

I’m keeping this as a studio sample of what not to do. This would have been far better with a simple meander pattern and a single color thread. Just because we have the ability to create complex quilt designs, doesn’t mean that we have to do this on every quilt. Simple is sometimes better!

Complex pantograph design "fights" with already busy quilt pattern

Variegated thread's color changes is too much for this busy quilt

Finished Halloween Quilt


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