Baaaad Sheep Quilt


One of the purposes of this blog is to share my quilts — the great, the good and the ugly — so that others can learn from my mistakes. Well … here’s one in the not-so-good category.

My plan was to whip up a quick, lap-size quilt for my nieces. They spent the summer raising sheep for 4H and one of them, in particular,  is absolutely in love with this animal. I saw these Susybee panels and coordinating fabrics at and decided it would be a quick quilt. I added a 1 1/2″ (before seam allowance) to offset the panel, and then borders to the sides and bottom.

Before we continue, let me say that I HATE IT!

The bottom border was from coordinating fabric. It is rather weird, because the bottom foot or so of the fabric is grass and sheep, and the other 34″ of the fabric is sky. I had this assuming the fabric was a border stripe, so I’d only ordered 2 yards and didn’t have enough to go around the quilt. The other designs on the panel were kind of an odd size and I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them in my quick-and-easy design.

It’s currently on my design wall and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. I think I’ll rip out everything down to the original panel (with grey sashing) and then maybe add some 4 patches. Stay tuned.

Baaaad Sheep Quilt, as is

Original Sheep Panel from Susybee


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