5 Reasons I Love Online Shopping at Fabric.com


I love online fabric shopping and there are many, many great webstores that I will review over time. I know many quilters are hesitant to shop online … but I highly recommend it. The selection in the big stores is well beyond what can be found at your local quilt store with 3,000 or 5,000 bolts of fabric.

I order from fabric.com more than any other online store. It is my favorite for several reasons:

1. Price — Fabric.com generally has the lowest prices of the big online shops. They also offer free shipping if you spend more than $35.00.

2. Great coupons and sales — Enclosed with your order is often a coupon to save 15% off already low prices. Around holidays, they tend to have a sale of $10 off purchases from $50 to $100, $15 off purchases from $101 to $149, and $20 off purchases over $150.

3. Fast service — I usually get my order 3 days after I place it. This is — hands down — the fastest shipping of the big companies.

4. Ruler markings on website — It is so hard to tell the scale of fabrics when shopping online. Fabric.com has a ruler shown with all their fabrics. Very few other companies do this and it is a GREAT feature.

5. Great selection — Fabric.com is awesome for printed, novelty quilt fabric. It is well categorized and the website is easy to use. They carry full lines and indicated the number of yards on hand.

Please note that I have no financial interest in Fabric.com — except for purchases placed on my Visa card.


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  1. I agree with you 100%! If I can’t find the fabric I need from Etsy sellers, so if I need yards and yards of fabric, like batting or muslin or flannel that I use all the time, I always order from fabric.com. Only once have I gotten something I didn’t order, but it was such an awesome piece of fabric that I kept it!

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