Gallery in Red II Quilt: Part 1


I finished all the squares for the red and white quilt. I must say that the instructions were not prepared for the novice quilter! I found setting the diamond focus fabric in the larger block to be a bit challenging … a nice diagram would have helped. Here are the instructions: “Position a fabric G 4-1/2″ square in opposite corners of a fabric B 8-1/2″ square. Sew in a diagonal line from corner to corner on each fabric G square. Trim 1/4″ from stitching line, fold out triangle and press. Repeat in the remaining two corners to make the center of the block.” Huh? It took a bit of practice to figure out what the heck they were saying.

My other complaint is that — as I posted yesterday — the fabrics are not labeled. I labeled the myself, but I still managed to sew the outsides of Block 1 to the middle of Block 2. I didn’t realize this until all of Block 1 was finished. I can blame this mistake mostly on myself, but I didn’t rip it out.

The fabric is gorgeous and I’m excited to get the borders sewn on.

Block #1

Block #2



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  1. Yes those instructions are pretty lame. I’ve come across some quilt books with odd instructions as well. You would think the authors would have some quilters test out their patterns before publishing their patterns and books. Your blocks turned out very nice.

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