A Thimble for Quilters Who Hate Thimbles

My friend Vicki was reading my daughter’s blog about her sore fingers from sewing. Sewgirl, aged 14, has been making costumes and was doing a lot of hand-sewing to gather ruffles. Both of these ladies hate thimbles.
I have to admit that I’m used to working with a thimble, but I have fit problems. I generally use the leather thimbles or the gel thimbles, but I think my fingers are just a tad too small for the medium-size, and way too big for the small size. So, although they protect my fingers, they are constantly falling off. Vicki recommended the ThimblePad and — I have to admit — this product is awesome. They stick well and can be re-used once or twice.
They absolutely buffer the needle and protect your fingers. You can also take a break, leave the ThimblePad on, and be able to find it a few minutes later.
The only downside is price. A package is about $7.00. If you’re doing a lot of hand sewing, it’s clearly more economical to purchase a thimble that’s the right size.

ThimblePad -- leather, stick-on, finger guards for quilting and sewing


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