Hampton Jitney Trip to Pennsylvania Quilt Show


Yesterday I enjoyed the Hampton Jitney tour from eastern Long Island to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVII. The coach left Riverhead at 7:15 AM and we returned home about 9:30 PM. We had exactly 5 hours to see the show, which was ample for seeing the show and visiting the vendors.

I have to say that this trip was an absolute pleasure. The bus is very nice, although — much like a coach class airline seat —  there isn’t enough legroom for a 6 foot tall adult, especially if the person in front of you as their seat back. There are video screens and a restroom on board.

What made the trip such a pleasure was Sue the Hostess. She greeted us with a nice basket of muffins with water or orange juice. Later on she had granola bars. The movie selection was okay — an unknown suspense movie and an unknown chick flick. We had champagne and a selection of pretzels and potato chips on the return trip. She came by often with trash bags to allow us to keep the coach clean. The trip had one rest stop on each leg of the journey, with ample time for restroom breaks and purchasing food. Eating was allowed on the bus. Overall, it was a great day for $96, which included our show entrance, headphones for the videos, and the food and drink snacks on the bus. They are offering several future trips and I think they would be awesome.

The last time I took a (chartered) bus to the quilt festival, the driver returned every 2 hours for package pickup. I would love to have had this option, as the show had no parcel check, and many of us were tired from carrying around bags of fabric. I strategically left my shopping to the end of the day … but I still had more than 2 hours carrying probably 20 pounds of purchases.


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