Catching up, car accidents and Christmas


It feels like confession time … “Dear readers — it’s been three months since my last post …”

Lots of exciting news. Some good, some not-so-good. But I’m moving forward.

In October, my wonderful new A-1 longarm machine has been delivered and installed. I love it! I attended the Innovations conference in October and came back brimming with excitement. My living room has been renovated into a studio and painted a beautiful blue. The trim is white and the crown molding was installed today. It is a restful, creative space. My intention is to rent my machine, once I am proficient enough to handle all problems and give good lessons. The longarm is truly an industrial machine. While I am a great creative person, it takes time to learn the mechanics of the machine, and I have not spent all the time necessary to be accomplished with sewing, maintaining or teaching with it.

The not-so-good news was a car accident on November 4th. My van was hit from behind and the driver’s side when the guy behind me blew a tire. It was raining, and my car spun out. Thankfully, due to the slipper roads, I did not roll the car. I also did not hit any other cars. Unfortunately, I do have whiplash, and my physical therapist has been making me stay off of the longarm until my neck is better. Boo. Hiss. And, yes, I feel sorry for myself.

I spent the first month on pain medication and felt pretty good. Now that I’m drug free, however, I really feel those muscle spasms in my neck. I’ve been using my domestic machine and working mainly on quilt tops. I did a couple of small pieces that involved quilting — very hard on my neck and also unsatisfying when I know there’s a longarm sitting idle in the next room. Plus my days are now busy with physical therapy, chiropractic visits, and lots of annoying paperwork from the insurance company!

I’ve made a couple pieces for Christmas. They’ll wait for future blogs, since they are surprises. I’ve also finished some quilt tops. I have hangers for my studio, which I hope my husband will get up this weekend, and then I will take some photographs.

It’s nice to be back blogging again!


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