Class with Terry White


Terry White speaking to Empire Quilt Guild (NYC) on Sept 11

I am very fortunate to be a member of Empire Quilt Guild in New York City, a large guild that brings in excellent speakers. Terry White was the speaker at our Saturday meeting, and then gave a workshop the following day (which I also attended).

This was a perfect workshop for me. Lots of playing with threads, couching, and bobbin work. Best of all, Terry has created a method of adding beads to the top of a quilt using the sewing machine. Basically, you move string the beads to a thread, move the beads to the side, and then couch the threads. She has written a couple of books on her methodology and I won’t attempt to describe it here. It takes some practice, but it’s very do-able and ultimately a lot faster than applying beads by hand.

She’s a very nice lady and great teacher. I was fortunate that there were just four of us in the class, so it was a great day with lots of personal attention. I’d highly recommend taking a class from Terry.

I have a small Janome machine that I use for classes. I used the machine exclusively for six months, and have taken dozens of classes with it. Terry was the only person who realized that I’ve been putting my bobbin in backwards. Oops! Anyway … she’s got a great knowledge of machines on top of her sewing skills.

Pig Quilt


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