Why I haven’t been blogging


Pumpkin Patch on Long Island!

My last post was July 2nd and it’s now almost the end of September. So where have I been?

Well … I’ve been to several quilt shows. The Hershey Quilt Show in Pennsylvania. The World Quilt Show (New England) in New Jersey. The Ricky Tims seminar in Cape Cod. And, this past week, Innovations 2010 in Tacoma, Washington. I also took several classes at my local quilt shop.  And I fit in three day-long classes from two awesome national teachers. So lots and lots of quilting.

But the big news was my decision to purchase a longarm quilting machine (an A1) and start my own business. This has required some major renovations to our home to make room for our new addition, which is about 6′ by 12′. We’ve been closing in walls and cutting holes in other walls, adding doors, and moving furniture. This process has not gone quickly. My longarm machine was slated to arrive two weeks ago and I postponed it until next week, hoping that we’d have space cleared and painted … that’s not going to happen so I’m just going to take delivery so I can practice and I’ll let the environment develop as time permits.

I’ll share more about my quilting adventures in the next few weeks. I must also say that there’s a fair bit of paperwork with starting a business. With my last business (16 years ago), the economy was better and there were more people around for hand-holding. Now it seems everything is online and you just figure it out for yourself!

We also spent a week in Ontario, Canada on vacation with my family. My kids are back at school, and we started our 7th year home schooling. I also got to experience shingles for a miserable three weeks of my life this August. Not recommended, in case anybody was considering it.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back blogging. Writing is my second favorite activity (next to quilting).


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