Ricky Tims Seminar


Libby Lehman, Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims on Stage

Ricky Tims has a unique approach to teaching quilting — nothing hands-on. No sewing machine. No fabric. No thread. Just 2.5 days of listening and lectures. And you have to wonder how effective it is. Well here’s the truth — it is VERY effective.

Each 2-hour lecture covers a different topic and/or style of quilting. All lectures are informative and entertaining. You can see the sewing part on the big screen via a camera aimed at the BERNINA sewing machine (yes, they are all Bernina fans and you will get several Bernina testimonials throughout the event). There is a fabulous book that goes along with the course … so you have all the information with you at home.

All three lecturers bring something different to the seminar. Ricky has a gentle spirit and is a man of great humility. You can tell that he has an artistic gift and that he feels the need to share it. He brings his quilts to the seminar, including his very first quilt — and proudly points out the mismatches and errors in his piecing. Ricky is a man who inspires you to believe that you can, with enough practice, do anything.

Libby Lehman is hilarious. Also an incredibly talented artist, she missed her calling as a standup comic. I would consider her quilts to be art quilts, and she admits that quilting is just an excuse for her to work with threads.

Alex Anderson is the traditionalist of the bunch. She is the hand quilter and her quilts are also exquisite. Alex was the kind of person you can imagine who would be the perfect quilting teacher — patient, sweet, but with a great sense of humor as well.

All in all, I can’t say enough good things about this seminar. I learned a lot. There were a couple of times that Ricky went too fast and lost me … but I can figure it out with the help of my book (which I haven’t had a chance to look at since the seminar). It was inspiring and fun!

Ricky (with the help of Libby) showing his kalaidescope quilting technique.

Ricky's Christmas tree quilt (I love this one!)


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