Vermont Quilt Festival: Gerald Roy


One of the evening lectures at the Vermont Quilt Festivals was by Gerald Roy.  He has been a quilt collector for 40 years, in addition to other pursuits as an artist, collector, quilt scholar, and professional quilt appraiser. He is also the Owner and Curator of the Pilgrim/Roy Antique Quilt Collection.

Okay … enough of his qualifications. Mr. Roy was a very entertaining speaker with a clear knowledge of art and love of quilts. He began his lecture talking about color, and the importance of using ALL of the colors on the color wheel. Since many people shy away from yellow and orange, he decided to show us many quilt tops from the 19th century that incorporated these colors. Here are some of them. Note how contemporary these colors are — amazing given that many of these quilts are well over 100 years old.

I apologize for the quality of these photos. I was sitting far away, and my little camera didn’t do a fabulous job of focusing. Still … you get the idea.


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