Checking in: good and bad


It’s been more than a week since my last post … horrendous for me, as I’m committed to daily posting. Here’s what’s been happening:


1. My friend Vicki sent me two beautiful pieces of fabric from Hawaii. I will post pictures as soon as I can. They were a lovely surprise and I know you’ll enjoy seeing them.

2. I spent a long weekend visiting five fabric shops in Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey. Reviews will follow shortly. Bought some lovely fabric for future quilts. My son attended AnimeNext in Somerset, NJ and had a fabulous time.

3. Getting ready for my trip to the Vermont Quilt Show. I leave on Wednesday morning.

4. Got the top of my pansy quilt pieced together and it looks lovely.


1. I have now had my bronchial/sinus infection for more than a month. Still not better after one course of steroids and two courses of antibiotics. I am tired and don’t have a lot of energy. I’m going back to the doctor today.

2. I’m in a lot of pain for the tendonitis in my right foot, and now my left foot is bothering now me (sympathy pain?)

3. My kids are STILL not finished school. Once their work is done, I have a lot of marking and summarizing to do for my son.

So that’s the deal. I’ll likely be AWOL for another week or so, while I’m at the Vermont Quilt Festival (can’t wait). By then, I sincerely hope that the asthma problems are finally resolved and I am feeling much better.


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