Pansy Quilt, Completed Blocks


Block #1

This is block#1, with the purple center and green stars.

It didn’t go together quite as well as I hoped. Unfortunately my 4-patches were a little on the small side. Darn! I’d been so careful, I couldn’t believe it. Apparently I wasn’t careful enough.

It helps to have an experienced instructor. Instead of ripping them all out, she suggested just centering the 4-patch between the two seams of the matching block, and then stretching it as much as I could. It worked. Thankfully I wasn’t off that much.

Block #2

Clearly the second block, with the green center and purple stars. Also note the difference in the 4-patches.

The major disappointment of the class was that my kids were locked out of the house, so I ended up spending 1/3 of the class driving home to let them in. Instead of sewing the ten blocks I’d hoped to … I got two sewn.

My homework is to finish the entire top of the quilt in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to both the sewing, and to completing the quilt top.


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