Elm Creek Quilts (New Year’s Quilt)


I still don’t have anything quilty of my own to report … another doctor’s appointment for asthma and a physical therapy appointment today. The worst right now is my coughing. I’m trying very hard to take it easy and keep my foot up. That’s the theory, anyway. I’ve spent most of the last couple of days driving my kids to activities.

However … I did listen to another of the Elm Creek Quilt series in the car. I completed “The New Year’s Quilt” last night, which is #11.  First the good things — I really enjoy Jennifer Chiaverini’s style. She makes quilting so accessible, relevant and interesting. I also like how gentle her stories are. I’m not a fan of romance or mysteries, and her stories are neither … I guess they are traditional “chick lit” and I like that. She develops her relationships well and the quilts always end up being a metaphor for the plot. I thought she did a great job of tying it all together with the New Year’s quilt in this novel.

I wasn’t as fond of the flashbacks that she used in this book, although the story was decent. For me, the flashing back and forward got a little confusing. That may have been partly because I was listening to the book on CD. I found the “Aloha Quilt” much more engaging because it was all set in the present. Also, I found the history in the “Aloha Quilt” much more engaging as well, although I certainly learned some interesting bits and pieces about quilting from this book.

I love the sense of community that the author creates. It makes me wish I had a group of quilters like this around me.  I think that is one of the appeals about hand quilting … I can remember my mother getting together with her friends (she still does) to hand quilt once she had a quilt in the frames. Even the ability to hand sew pieces would be very nice to do with a group of friends, as they do n the book. Quilting has become a much more solitary pursuit now that we have sewing machines (that weigh a ton) and all of the stuff that goes with it, which we certainly don’t want to lug around any more than we have to. In the “Sylvia  days” described in the book, she had a simple sewing basket that was very portable and quilting was a much more social activity.

Anyway, I’ve got the entire Elm Creek Quilts series on order from the library. I can’t wait to listen to them all.


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