Life, Injuries and Not Quilting


I have my Quilting 102 class tomorrow, so I know I’ll be able to report some progress. Thankfully.

Yesterday I started physical therapy on my foot. The diagnosis is peroneal tendonitis and achilles tedonitis. The good news is that I went for therapy early. The bad news, of course, is that tendons take a long time to heal. It was depressing. On top of everything else, the physical therapist burned my foot with the laser while they were treating me.

I also went to the dentist. Four cavities! This is likely the result of drinking lots of Ensure due to a pancreas problem, which is now resolved. But all the sugar in my mouth damaged my teeth, and I wasn’t exactly running upstairs and brushing every time I drank a meal. Sigh.

My teenagers are very busy finishing up school. The goal is to get their math lessons done today. We offered a financial incentive (yes, a bribe), so they’ve been working extremely hard. They still have math tests to finish next week, but the math lessons will be done. My son also has history and English to finish. My daughter has a friend staying over for the next few days and then is going camping for the first time in her lfie.

And I’m still struggling with a cough from my cold/asthma episode a few weeks ago. I’ll try to get to see the doctor today.

So that’s it. Pesky health problems. Busy kids. Commitments. It’s tough writing a blog about quilting when I’ve spent the last couple of days NOT quilting.


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