Color Wheel


June 20, 2010 (Issue 197) of British Patchwork & Quilting

I was flipping through this issue and found a great project on Page 32 — a colour wheel (note the British spelling!). It was something I’d been wanting to try for a while.

Finished Project. Nice, eh?

The first step is to paw through your stash and find 4 colors, dark through light, of each of the twelve sections in the color wheel. This was actually fairly hard. You’ll need a 2.5 x 6″ piece of each color.

This took me a long time.  I had a lot of some colors (blues, greens and reds) and very few of other colors (purples and yellows). When I finished, for some unknown reason, I only had 11 of my 12 wedges for my color wheel. I have to go back later today and figure this out.

Directions -- sew into 4 color strips and trim into 30 degree wedges. (Don't forget to add seam allowance.) If you buy the magazine, they provide a template.

The next step is to arrange the strips and sew them into strips. Press.

This is as far as I’ve gotten. I realized that I have to put this project aside and work on my block of the month … I have a bunch of commitments coming up and need to get the BOTM completed today.

My color wheel ... missing one color!

So here are my strips, arranged in a circle. Looks nice, doesn’t it. Once I figure out what strip I’m missing, I’ll add the 12th strip and then use the template to cut these out.

I’m also excited about all the leftover pieces. They should be very cool for a fun project.


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