Each of these 80 triangular squares needs to be trimmed

My next Quilting 102 class is on Thursday. Over the last week, I’ve been working on trimming up each of the triangular squares. It’s tedious work and I can’t do more than 25 or so at a time. I’ve been using a 4.5″ square ruler and I find that that’s the easiest way to do it.

I’m really glad that I’ve taken this class. Seriously, the only way to get better is to practice. It was a year ago today that I bought my first sewing machine (to be used for quilting). The elusive 1/4″ seam is not so elusive anymore!  My points actually look like … well … points.

I did not know how to chain piece before this class. Granted, it isn’t hard, but I’d never been taught. Chain piecing leads to a huge increase in accuracy … because you don’t have that wobble at the beginning and end of each piece. Prior to learning chain piecing, I was too lazy to put that piece of fabric at the beginning and end of my seams. However I’m now a convert to that technique.

I’m a person whose a big reader. But you can’t learn quilting by reading books or blogs, watching videos, or talking on the phone about quilting with your friends. You have to actually quilt. Make mistakes and fix them. Practice. Spend an hour trimming blocks. Fortunately it’s really gratifying to see how far you’ve come. And that practice really works.


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