Pansy Quilt — Pieces are Cut!


Each of these triangles is 4.5 inches (trimmed) in size.

My only issue with the quilt was that I mail-ordered the fabric. The off-white color that I’d ordered (“alabaster”) in no way matched the fabric. I picked up a lovely soft yellow at the quilt shop, that complimented the fabrics I was using. I hadn’t planned on yellow, but I can be flexible.

The triangles are made by using a two 5″ squares (one cream, one either purple or green) with right sides together. You draw a diagonal line along the center. Then you sew two seams, each 1/4″ inch from the center diagonal line. The diagonal line becomes your cutting line. Voila! Two perfect triangles.

I learned a lot about pressing from this project. I’d always pressed from the reverse side of the project. No! I’m sure there are many ways to do this, but my instructor gently finger presses BEFORE she uses the iron. I found that this worked very well. Given that I had 80 triangles to practices on, I became somewhat of an expert!

4-patch blocks -- purple on left; green on right.

You’d think by now I’d have learned to read the direction. Again, I had 80 of these to make. After sewing (and pressing!) 60 four-patches that contained two neutral colors, one purple, and one green — I decided to show my husband. He quickly noticed that the pattern showed something different. I was not happy. I spent the next 90 minutes ripping out my work. Anyway … the result is quite nice.

I still need to finish trimming the triangular blocks, which is very time-consuming. Fortunately I started early and have another 10 days to complete this!


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