Crazy Quilt


So here's my completed crazy quilt. The big problem was how much the fabric frayed. The next step was hand embroidering around each shape, which I didn't think would be a problem, given that I embroidered in high school. Wrong! I managed to fumble through the blanket stitch, with the help of a book, but I ripped everything else out in frustration.

I wanted to make a crazy quilt so that I could learn hand embroidery, and have something to do during the many hours we watch TV.  Well, I guarantee that this will be no easy task. I have enough learning to do to get me through the next few seasons of  American Idol!!!!

I’ll admit, I thought of just doing the embroidery on my Janome, which boasts 150+ decorative stitches. However that doesn’t solve the “need handwork in front of the TV” issue, so I’m going to continue with my original plan.

I also finished listening to “The Aloha Quilt” by Jennifer Chiaverini. What a treat!  I had such a great day sewing and listening to this wonderful book on CD. I felt like I had my own personal quilt retreat. I’m looking forward to reading and/or listening to the other books in the Elm Creek Quilters series.


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