Between projects


I’m between projects and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve started a few things that I haven’t liked, so nothing’s really clicked there (very unsatisfying). I’ve been going through my old quilting magazines and tearing out future projects … but haven’t seen anything that I just love.

Part of the problem is that I’ve been sick the last week … so I haven’t had a lot of energy. Combine severe asthma/coughing spells with my prescription cough medicine, and it isn’t exactly a recipe for creativity. I’ve been more interested in zoning out in front of the TV.

I finished my daughter’s guitar quilt, which has been my major UFO for the past few months.

I’ve even been cleaning up my studio. That’s been frustrating as well. The room is the formal living room in our house, although we set it up as a school room/office before I took it over for quilting. However it’s got lots of bookcases (mostly full of books) which are awesome for books — and not so great for fabric and quilting supplies. I’ve been trying to move books to the basement, but I’m still left with a room that was not designed for quilting and is hard to organize to meet my needs. It’s like putting a large square peg in a small round hole. I added an ironing board and table to the space, which makes it look crowded and disorganized (which it is).

I start my Quilting 102 class tonight, so I’ll have my traditional quilting project to keep me busy. I know that I will enjoy it, but I’m much happier when I have something more artsy going on. I keep looking through my stash and hoping that some great idea will come to me.

Plus it’s hot here in Long Island. Yesterday it was over 90 degrees.  I’ve got the air conditioning on, but I’m still not feeling very energetic.

Boy, this was an uninspiring post! Hope everybody else is being more productive!


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