Helen Keller Cottage, Second Visit


A few weeks ago, I visited the abandoned house in Southold, Long Island. This is the house where Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan supposedly spent their last summer together in 1936, just before Ms. Sullivan died. The house is in great disrepair. Although there were people who were trying to save the house, I saw in Newsday last week that the town council has voted to raze the cottage sometime in the near future. My daughter and I visited last weekend for our (likely) final look at this cottage. This time we went around back, where you can really see why there’s no hope of saving it.

Front of the cottage. Actually doesn't look too bad.

A sign is posted on the door warning not to enter the house.

The reason for this sign is obvious when you see the back of the house.

Boarded windows, with broken panes.

More broken windows ... something very spooky about them.

The back of the house is wide open.

Now we realized why they couldn't fix it.

A vew into the pantry. The green are the cupboards.

The house had been abandoned for 40 years, yet the propane tanks remain.

Overgrown foliage.

This was the porch along the side of the house, and is completely rotted away.

Top of the porch

Wall of the house, inside the porch

That's all folks! So sad that this house is being torn down.


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