Sewing & Felting


I've had this picture for a while and wanted to do something art quilt related with it. I just wasn't sure what. Then, when we were at the Fiber Festival on Sunday, I bought some hand-dyed wool. I thought it would be very cool to try applying the wool, using a sewing machine, to make a picture of a buffalo (or whatever this animal is).

Here are my efforts. I used fabric, stabilizer, and then muslin as a base. I drew on a picture of the bull. Then I started sewing on the wool. First I used a ziz-zag stitch, but I quickly realized that a straight stitch would be fine. I actually feel like this would give a cool effect for a whole piece, but my sewing machine started jamming. Quite honestly, I wasn't in love with this enough to invest the time to finish it. But it was a cool project.


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