Hallockville Fleece & Fiber Fair


Yesterday I attended the Fleece and Fiber Fair at the Hallockville Museum Farm, located in Riverhead (Long Island), New York. We got there after 3:00 PM, so we missed all of the demonstrations that were planned for the day. Nevertheless, it was quite interesting. My daughter and I were very taken with the llamas. Note their haircuts ... they are actually shaved with very cool styles.

The haircuts are used in judging (just like dog shows) to show the best parts of the llama and hide the not-so-great features. These llamas were on leashes. They were very friendly and liked being scratched under their chins. Somehow we thought llamas were unfriendly and unsociable. But then, on reflection, I'm guessing we were mixing them up with camels. Oops!

Baby llama ... so cute! It was hard to get a picture as it was nursing it's mother. My daughter was ready to get rid of our dogs and raise llamas!

Mother sheep with her two week old babies. The babies weighed about 20 pounds. They were quite stressed being on display. There were some teens from 4H taking care of them.

Where does wool come from, mommy? It comes from naked sheep! Here it is in the raw form!

Yes, I had to buy something. Beautiful, isn't it? The label says "64 count Merino Wool Top for felting/spinning/blending." I know ... it didn't say art quilting! I'll be the first!!!!


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