Summer Classes


It’s that time of year … school is almost over and we’re looking at summer activities. I signed up 15 year old up for a week of sleep-away summer camp last weekend. Hopefully, this week, my daughter be enrolled in a 2 week photography camp over the summer. I also made plans for our family vacation in Ontario, Canada.

I also looked at what I can’t afford to do … sigh. There are so many wonderful week long camps that involve quilting. Many of them are in upstate New York, within a day’s drive of my home. Since I’ll be 50 this summer, I’m guessing that I’m a little old for somebody to give me a trust fund to fund these quilting classes. Sigh again. However I spent a significant amount of time this week looking at these classes and feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t afford to attend. Then, to make myself feel even worse, I looked at many other classes offered around the U.S. and imagined what it would be like to spend a week with a national teacher and like-minded quilt enthusiasts. Add to my misery the fact that I have a terrible cold … so self pity, wheezing and a runny nose have not been a nice combination.

So here’s my compromise. Our local quilt shop offers a really nice deal. For $90 you can buy a voucher for 6 months worth of classes (with a few exclusions). So I went to my quilt shop, bought the voucher, and signed up for three classes over the summer. I was already enrolled in an intermediate quilting class … so I will be busy. I will be sharpening my skills, close to home.

I also noticed that Connecting Threads have their quilting books on sale for 40% off. Maybe I’ll buy a couple books and have my own personal retreat.

Okay … I still REALLY would love a trust fund. But this will have to do!


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