Free Motion Update (yet again)


I took a look at my Janome 1600P this morning … reluctantly … and I can see the threading problem. The thread takeup lever is not threaded. Now I’m certain that is not a mistake I’ve made before, and I highly doubt that it’s been the problem all along. We’ll see as I continue today.

It’s amazing to me that, when I get tired, my sewing machine starts acting up. Have you ever noticed that? I always take that to mean it’s time to stop and take a break.

I’d also decided to stabilize this quilt using only free motion quilting. Which meant I was trying to “stitch in the ditch” using my free motion foot. Another big mistake. I think I’m going to make all of my mistakes on this quilt and then be perfect from now on! Good plan, eh?

I’m off this morning to my block of the month class. I’ll share that block with you tomorrow. Wait … I made plenty of mistakes making that block over the weekend, so I guess I haven’t hit perfection yet!!!


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  1. I also find when I get tired if it’s not the sewing machine that acts up then the actual sewing or quilting that I’m doing gets messed up. Like last night I was trying to get the last bits of quilting done on the one wall hanging and my ovals were looking like anything but ovals so I knew it was time to pack it in and go watch House. This evening will be a better evening for quilting I hope. good luck with the treading of the beast :-)

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