Free Motion Update


As promised, I spent yesterday cleaning up my sewing area and getting my Janome 1600P to work. It sewed beautifully! Clearly I had done something wrong with my threading.

I decided to finish a quilt that I’d started for my daughter. It’s a guitar-themed quilt and perfect to practice my free motion skills.

I must say that I find machine quilting to be very tiring. I do understand how people end up with frozen shoulders and neck problems from their quilting endeavors. I also understand why people pay to have someone else (with a long arm) do their quilting.

So today I continued my work. When it was time to refill the bobbin, I had to rethread the machine. I carefully took  note of everything I’d done before. Well … something is wrong. My thread is shredding and breaking. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong … but it’s a repeat of the problems I had previously. I’m incredibly frustrated. I’m done for tonight. Maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Last time it took my six months and I ended up buying a new machine. Hopefully I won’t have to repeat that strategy.


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  1. Oh how frustrating that must be. I hope you are able to figure out the sequence for threading your machine since it sounds like once it is treaded correctly it sews wonderfully. Once you have it figured out and it is working I have a suggetion. Write down in a workbook what the corect sequence of steps are for threading it are and even include a few sketches so that you have more detailed information for the next time. I actually have done this with the wiring for my computer so that I know what cable goes where because I’m not a techie and it’s so frustring when you have a cable in the wrong place and the computer doesn’t want to work. Good luck to day with figuring it all out.

  2. Believe it or not, I actually did that, which is why I’m so darn frustrated. I wrote the sketches in my manual booklet. One of my friends actually took pictures with her digital camera … another great idea. To be honest … I’m stumped. Thanks for the suggestions.

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