Free Motioning (I hope)


I know I’ve mentioned that my free motion skills need work. (Okay, that’s an understatement). I’ve also mentioned that my plan for improvement is to work on a twin-size, whole cloth quilt that will help me with those skills. I do fine on the 18″ squares. It’s the weight and manipulation of those full-size quilts that drags me down.

I’m going to add another challenge into the mix. About six months ago, I bought a Janome 1600P solely for the purpose of quilting. I’ve had many problems with it. At a recent show, I learned that I had been threading the machine wrong. So here’s the plan for today:

1. Clear off the sewing table with the Janome 1600P (a major undertaking … given that it has become the junk table.

2. Clear off the chair and space surrounding the sewing table (see above).

3. Thread the machine and see if I can get it to work.

I had planned to buy a Janome 6600, only to discover that our local quilt shop was now selling Baby Locks. I wanted a large neck area for quilting … and the Janome 1600P met that criteria. I bought a used machine and it was economical — except that I could never get it to work properly. I’ve quilted one quilt on it, but I’ve been extremely annoyed at myself for making this purchase. So today’s the day to make it all work!

Wish me luck!


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