Helen Keller House


On our trips to Southold (Eastern Long Island), we’ve often passed this abandoned house. However I’ve always driven past, and never gotten out of the car to take a look. When we went on our photography expedition last weekend, I knew it would be an interesting place to take photos.

The place was fascinating. You just felt it had a history beyond your imagination. Even the trees were different from those you normally see.

Anyway … here’s the story, according to today’s article in Newsweek by Carol Polsky.

“The Bavarian Tudor-style house on Shelter Island Sound was taken over from private owners in 1968 and left to decay …

“Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan stayed there, and it is just unique looking” [Troy said]. “I’ve never seen a house that looks even close to this one.”

Broken windows.

Falling apart.

Overall impression … this is incredibly sad. But I got some great pictures. And it was fuel for the imagination.  There is apparently a facebook page directed at saving this house. I really hope that they do.


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