Mothering and Mentoring


I learned how to sew and to knit from my mother. My daughter learned how to sew and knit from taking lessons … although she has seen me doing it, so she did have some exposure to fiber arts. She definitely became interested in quilting through me.

I fondly recall seeing my grandmother knitting and crocheting. She was also a quilter. I remember seeing her quilts, although I never saw her actually quilting.

A big part of mothering is mentoring, even in the 21st century. I love seeing talent emerge in my children … and figuring out a way to help that talent grow. That’s a big part of the reason why I home school.

I spent all day yesterday with my daughter and her friend taking photos. We checked out many photographic locations on Long Island. These included an long-abandoned and condemned house (my favorite location), a carousel, some beaches, a wharf with commercial fishing boats, a llama/alpaca farm, and two cemeteries.

My daughter (age 13) had never been in a cemetery before. She was absolutely captivated by the artistry of the gravestones and got some beautiful photographs.

So it’s been a while since I’ve gotten any quilting done. I have some cool new photographs, however, that I’ll share throughout the week. Plus some happy memories.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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