Quilting, interrupted


I’d love to say that I’m spending the day on this beautiful swing, pondering life, reading a novel and thinking about life. (Come on — you know I’d be quilting anyway!)

No, today is not nearly that exciting. For me, anyway. I’m organizing a bowling afternoon for a bunch of homeschooled teens, including my own. My kids are having friends over afterward, so this morning I’m cleaning house and grocery shopping for dinner. My daughter is having her girlfriend sleep over, and we’re going on a photography expedition tomorrow to Greenport, New York — an absolutely picturesque port town that is bound to yield some fabulous pictures. So that’s at least two days away from quilting … possibly three as I have plans on Sunday (Mother’s Day) afternoon with a friend.

Like I say, it’s tough when life gets in the way of my quilting. Even when it’s fun stuff!


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