Excuses not to quilt: Allergies


Long Island is beautiful this time of year. Everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — is in bloom. I took my camera outside this morning and took a few pictures from my front gardens to prove it.

And, while these flowers are absolutely gorgeous to look at, my eyeballs feel like they have been rubbed with sandpaper and then lit on fire. I’ve been doing a lot of hand sewing (trying to finish off a quilt). So, although the title of this blog is not totally accurate, my allergies have been driving me crazy due to the pollen.

These beautiful white flowers are in bloom outside my quilting studio (formerly living room) on the ground floor, and bedroom window on the second floor. And of course we’ve been sleeping with the windows open.

I seriously love this time of year. However sometimes I appreciate the photos more than the real thing. I don’t need pharmaceuticals to enhance my viewing pleasure!


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  1. There comes a time where I truly believe the saying “better living through chemistry”, and this time of year and then come August with the start of ragweed season is the other one. Years ago we had an exceptionally bad ragweed season and my eyes felt exactly like yours to the point where I said enough and went to the doctors and got some wonderful prescription allergy eye drops. The ones that I have are called Patanol by Alcon and they really do make a huge difference. Good luck!

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