Quilter Blogs.com


When I started quilting a year ago, I had a lot to learn. It was (and still is) overwhelming. However it went beyond the sewing machine, fabrics, threads and embellishments. All of the sudden I had a whole lot of  technology I wanted to learn as well.

Four months ago, I could not upload pictures to the Internet. I could not download pictures onto fabric. And the idea of starting a blog was absolutely daunting. But I’m here! Thanks to a lot of determination, some encouragement from a quilting friend (thank you, Vicki!) , my husband, and my 13-year-old daughter.

But I still get frustrated. For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to add some favorite blogs to the main page of my blog. I’ve got one — and it’s poorly formatted. I haven’t been able to change the format or delete it. And I keep hitting roadblocks. Lately I’ve been delighted to have my blog included in quilterblogs.com — but I haven’t figured out a way to add that blog to my favorite list either.

Quilterblogs.com is awesome and definitely worth regular visits. They read through more than 1,000 blogs every day. It’s eye candy extraordinaire and a valuable resource. I’ll be promoting it on my blog. As soon as I can figure out how. I promise.

So I hope the meaning of today’s picture has become obvious. I have so many great ideas. I can see them, almost touch them, smell them. But there’s a wall that gets in the way. Sometimes (often) it’s technology! Sometimes it’s my skill level. Sometimes (too often!) it’s money or time. A year ago, that wall seemed impermeable. Now, at least, there are holes in it and I can see where I’m going. I have a list of goals and I’m trying to reach them!


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