Butterfly project, Day 2


I’ve continued to work on my butterflies today. Lots of thread painting over the painted fabric I showed yesterday.

Since the butterflies are going on a black background, my original plan was to outline all the butterflies in a black ziz-zag stitch. However, today I was having problems with my thread breaking while I trying to ziz zag.. Pretty soon I decided to just cut out the butterflies as they were, and forget about the outlining. I sealed the edges using black acrylic paint.

In this butterfly, I used a base yellow polyester thread, then a darker yellow, then a fuschia florescent thread, followed by a copper colored metallic thread. It looks much better in person than in the picture.

This butterfly has several blues in it, as well as silver metallic thread. I must say that Superior Thread’s Metallic Thread is lovely to work with.

I wish this picture was better quality.  I started with a base of Superior Thread’s Highlights in a florescent orange. Then I used their King Tut veragated thread to outline the veins. It really looks like a Monarch butterfly.

My next step is to do some beading on my butterflies. I have about a dozen of them. I can’t wait to show them off!


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