Healthy & Happy


This little goat was at the petting zoo over the weekend. While his fellow goats were stuck in the pen, this little guy seemed to have escaped. However we soon realized that Happy (yes, we asked his name) was crippled by scoliosis and not traveling too far away. Although the farmer maintained that Happy was in no pain, there was something very sad about a crippled little goat.

It’s been a tough few days for me. Unlike Happy, I haven’t taken my issues in stride.  I’ve had a resurgence of pancreatitis. If you’ve never had the “pleasure” … the symptoms include significant pain below your breastbone, nausea, fatigue … and did I mention pain? It does not make you want to do any kind of bending over for tasks like cleaning, laundry or gardening.

I can usually get it back under control if I avoid meats of any kinds, which I’ve been doing. Tonight we were in a hurry for dinner … and I had some pepperoni pizza. Let’s just say that was a mistake. More pain.

For some reason, it seemed to be a very pain-filled weekend. My dear friend Gillian’s mother was hospitalized with some very serious health  issues. And a 15 y.o. boy we know was diagnosed with stress fractures in both shins, and needs to be in a wheelchair for a couple of months. I have another very close friend whose dealing with anemia and some other health challenges. And that’s just been in the last 24 hours!

I think that’s why I love quilting. It calms me. I know that I will be making something beautiful. There is something healing for me about choosing the fabrics, feeling the threads, thinking about how a project will come together. Even when I’m not feeling well … I know it will be there for me when I’m feeling better.


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