Isn’t this photo beautiful? It’s the complete opposite of how I feel today. I figure if I look at it long enough, I might find some tranquility in my day.

I started the day by paying bills. Our gas bill is normally $184 per month. I opened it and found that, this month, we owned more than $5,200! Not a nice surprise. After waiting for the Gas Co. office to open, they informed me that the bill was — in fact — an error.  We just owe them the usual $184. April fool!

I’ve been dealing with car repairs from my fender bender last week. Although it was not my fault, insurance companies actually don’t care about facts. I was assessed for 50% of the damages, which will likely exceed $2,000. My van is now in the autobody shop getting repaired. And I’m driving this boxy rental van that I really don’t care for.

I’d planned a rock climbing event for my kids’ teen group. We need an minimum of 8 kids. Two of their friends have broken bones in the last week, so I had to cancel the event. Everyone’s disappointed (well … the poor kids with broken bones are glad we’re rescheduling. They have bigger problems.)

I’m just feeling grumpy today. Stressed. Frazzled. I have a lot to do. The kids are having friends over and I have some serious cleaning up to do. We’ve lost a piece of software that my son’s promised to a friend. There’s a library book missing. There’s a stack of bills to pay and filing to do. I’m sure most people can relate.

The good news is that my daughter turns 13 today. Happy Birthday! I am now the mother of two teenagers! She’s very artistic and looking forward to diving into the box of art supplies she requested for her birthday gift.

No quilting today. But I can’t quilt when everything else is out of balance.


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