MQX: Cathy Franks & Coloring the Quilt


This class was so much fun! Cathy Franks quickly put on a paint shirt and it was like kindergarten. She obviously spends a lot of her time playing with paints and I have to envy her!

Cathy does a lot of fabric dyeing. She uses a product called “Poly dye” on synthetic fabrics, which apparently just needs to be mixed with hot water and applied. She recommends buying ugly synthetic fabrics at the fabric store and transforming them into something beautiful. Heat-setting will make your creations permanent. Cathy dyes everything — fabric, interfacing, batting … it all works.

My favorite recommendation (and I bought some at the show) were the Tsukineko Fabric inks. I love inks, because they do not change the hand of the fabric. Fabric paints get hard, whereas inks leave the fabric as it was. She recommended Fabrico markers (which have dual ends), the all-purpose inks, and also the Tsukineko fabric stamp pads. (I used the markers and the inks, and they are wonderful to work with.) For fabric paints, her favorite brand is Jacquard.

She also does a lot of work with Shiva oil paint sticks. I have worked with these before. They are very nice to use on fabric, just don’t forget to remove the “skin” before you start applying them to the fabric. They work just like pastels. She did HIGHLY recommend using “Delta ceramicoat textile medium” to coat the surfaces after using the paint sticks and after using colored pencils.

My takeaway from this lecture … I need more time to just play!!!! Cathy was a great instructor. She was enthusiastic and fun … and her quilts were gorgeous.


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