MQX Show: Thread Therapy with Superior Threads


There it is, folks — my official diploma! Two hours with Bob Purcell, owner of Superior Threads, and I am an expert. Well … not quite … but I did learn a lot.

I see Superior Threads at every quilt show. I hear great things about them. To be honest, I had never used their threads. However I did buy some at MQX and I must admit that their metallics are amazing to work with. I’m sure that their quality is just as wonderful as people say it is. Bob’s seminars are not a 2 hour commerical for his threads. He talks about how threads are made (theirs are made from cotton from Egypt), where they are manufactured (Superior thread is manufactured in Japan), and how the manufacturing process works. He also explains how to tell a quality thread, and how threads are made to work on your machine.

Side note … that I found interesting. There are only two factories in the U.S. that manufacture thread. Bob tried to get them to manufacture thread to his high standards. They refused. The U.S. factory market is cheap thread. One of those factories is Coates who, in my opinion, make the worst (as in most linty) thread on the market.

The basics of Bob’s presentation were this: If you’re having problems you need to have good thread, the right needle (and recommends titanium needs, which Superior does sell), and the proper tension. That will solve about 95% of your problems.

A few surprises for me:

1. Polyester thread does not “cut” your batting.

2. You can mix your top and bottom threads (ie cotton on the top and polyester on the bottom).

3. Cotton thread can be coated to look like polyester.

4. Sometimes cotton threads are stronger than polyester.

Something to look forward to … Superior Threads is coming out with a line of silk threads on June 1st. I am looking forward to this. I do love silk thread!

If you have the opportunity to take a class from Bob, I would highly recommend it. And you, too, could earn your Ph.D. in Threadology!


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